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  • Vestments

    Clerical vestments and textile apparel for churches are made in the DESTA's tayloring laboratory.
    The research of the highest quality materials, from economic fabrics to wools, to precious brocades and italian silk, meets the different customer's requirements.
    The study and the research are also dedicated to the creation of new models by following the ancient tailoring traditions but also considering the new and modern styles.
    Vestments, embroideries and new collections designs are made by our design labouratory which realizes new ideas with different styles.
    Technologies and human resources allow us to realize unique works with custom made embroideries considering the customer's requirements.
  • Clothes

    The perfect tailoring of each cloth, following the italian tailoring tradition, is the minimum standard for Desta.
    The real goal is making shirts that perfectly fit with the Customer requests.
    Everything starts from the raw materials selection: the fabrics, the special inside strenghtenings that give fastness and softness to collars and cuffs; the bottons that keep the colour also after many washes and the use of precious yarns.
    There is also a special careful to details, from the model's perfectioning to the highest number of stitchs for each centimeter.
    Then, our passion makes exclusive the standard items too.
  • Holy Goblets and Metalware

    ARS CAELI, company founded at the beginning of the fifties in the area of the goldsmiths and silversmiths in Ripa Ticinese in Milan, is a global reference point in manufactoring of holy goblets and metal furnitures. 
    At the end of the eighties the founders sold the company. It was transferred to Gorgonzola (Milan) keeping the production under the name Nova Ars Caeli. 
    In the 2000, Nova Ars Caeli was purchased by DESTA, a leader in the production of clothing for church and sacred ornaments of wood, giving back to the original company name of ARS CAELI. 
    At the end of 2002 the establishment of Gorgonzola closed and the activity of the ARS CAELI was transferred to the new DESTA's establishmentin Settingiano (CZ). 
    The goal is always to produce holy furnitures with the  respectable and austere beauty due to the liturgical service.
  • Woodware

    DYNAMIS goal is to fully satisfy every request from small to large furniture for churches and communities thanks to modern technology for the processing of wood. The products are made of real wood without the use of materials that imitate it. 
    Each item is designed and manufactured with innovative designs that suits each styles and has strong finish for durability that give it a high level of quality. 
    Our company is able to design and realize any kind of wooden hand made article and make custom made works for every request.